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Mohawk Fetish

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[22 Feb 2007|03:10pm]


And here are the new pics.
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[21 Feb 2007|06:42pm]

OLD pic.

A little more recent..not a good shot of the hawk though. More to come.
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[29 Apr 2006|12:35pm]

we're looking for new models forPunkyBoobster.com...just have 'boobs with attitude'!

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Deathhawks [28 Nov 2005|11:12pm]

I stumbled across this community, and whilst it would seem to be a little inactive, the name is just too cool to pass up the opportunity to whore myself to.
So, here's some pics of my 'hawk. I guess its a death-hawk seeing as its a big back-combed mess and it has the sidey bits. Apparently called "bernards"?! anyone else heard this?
Please excuse the fact that both of these pics contain gratuitous boyfriend action, as I feel a bit of a tit taking photo's soley of myself! plus technically he is the one with the mohawk fetish I guess.....
pictures of big hairCollapse )
I'm going to try posting loads more photos of my hair in my lj in the future if I get a good response (and here if you want!). But I kinda feel self-conscious at the mo, Feel free to add if you want!
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Death hawks [04 Jul 2005|01:18pm]

Can someone post or link me to pictures of girls with deathhawks please? up or down, it doesn't matter. Thanks :o)
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